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Consent to the Personal Data Processing

A user, registering on the website and filling up a form with the personal data, accepts this Consent to the Personal Data Processing (hereinafter referred to as the Consent). Accepting (acceptance) of the Consent offer is registration on the website or filling up a form with the personal data (booking forms, filling up a part «Feedback») on the website A user gives his consent to LLC TPM, which is the website owner and which is situated at the address: Tyumen, 625013, Tyumen, Energetikov str., 167 to process his personal data with the following conditions:

1.​This Consent is given for the personal data processing both without and with the use of automation facilities.

2.​This Consent is given for the processing of the personal data specified in the form fields and attached documents, namely: Full name of the company, Òype of the company, Legal address (postal index, city, address), Actual address (postal index, city, address), Date of the company foundation, Supposed product ranges, Name of the Head, Name of the accountant general, Òelephone/fax, E-mail, Website, Name of the contact person, Post, Contact telephone number, File, Characteristics, Customer, Contact person, Address, Region (district) of the construction, Function of a building (A workshop, an office, a warehouse), Length, (m), Width, (ì), Height in the ridge, (m), Clear height, (m), Thermal covering (heat-insulated/not heat-insulated), Number of floors, Frame crane (location, lifting ability), Wall openings (gate, windows, doors, number, location), Roof openings (translucent panels, lanterns, smoke dampers) and other given by the user data.

3.​The purpose of the personal data processing: Performance of contractual obligations, service order, calculation of a building value, registration on the portal for service rendering, running advertising campaigns and market research.

4.​The ground for the personal data processing is: Art. 24 of the Russian Federation Constitution; art. 6 of Federal law ¹ 152-FZ About the Personal Data.

5.​While processing the following actions will be made with the personal data: collection; record; filing; accumulation; storage; qualification (updating, change); retrieval; use; transmission (distribution, rendering, access); depersonalisation; blocking; removal; cancellation.

6.​The personal data are processed to the end of processing. Òhe personal data processing can also be stopped by the personal data subject's request. Storage of the personal data placed on paper is made according to Federal law ¹ 125-FZ About Archive-Keeping in the Russian Federation and other laws and regulations in the field of archive-keeping and archive storage. Term or condition of the personal data processing termination is termination of business of LLC TPM as a legal person (liquidation or reorganization).

7.​The Consent is given for the possible personal data cross-border transfer and information (advertising) alert including.

8.​The Consent can be revoked by the personal data subject or its representative by sending a written application to LLC TPM or its representative at the address mentioned at the beginning of this Consent.

9.​In case of revoking the consent to the personal data processing by the personal data subject or its representative LLC ÒPM has the right to continue the personal data processing without consent of the personal data subject, if there are grounds stated in points 2 – 11 part 1 article 6, part 2 article 10 and part 2 article 11 of Federal law ¹ 152-FZ About the Personal Data from 26.06.2006.