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Construction and Installation Work in Tyumen

Construction and installation work consists of practically all object erection operations up to completion. Construction work includes:
  • work connected with plots of land reclamation;
  • territory preliminary preparation;
  • foundation construction;
  • buildings and structures direct construction;
  • finishing work (plastering, lining, etc.);
  • utilities installation;
  • other operations connected with construction
  • urban landscaping
Installation work includes services for installation of objects and systems which are made using already completed parts and mechanisms. LLC "TyumenPromMontazh" offers a complete set of construction and installation work in Tyumen or your city from preconstruction to an object during-operation service. The range of construction and installation services includes work with stone, concrete and reinforced concrete structures. For Tyumen and Tyumen region one of the most popular services is pile work which includes pile sinking and pile foundations making. The complex of the offered services constantly grows depending on market demands and our customers. At the moment we also execute construction and installation work in Tyumen of such kinds:
  • monolithic work;
  • foundation work;
  • earth work;
  • major repairs;
  • urban landscaping;
  • work on interior and exterior finish;
  • ceiling installation and flooring laying;
  • window systems erection and repairs;
  • roof systems erection and repairs;
  • electrical installation work;
  • systems of heating, water supply, canalization, conditioning, ventilation, low power networks, video monitoring installation.
We are ready to fulfil any construction and architectural ideas our own product capacities and transportation fleet allow us to carry out in complex construction and installation work orders in Tyumen or your city both of typical and individual character. To order construction and installation work in Tyumen or your city and to specify all nuances of cooperation you can in our office (Tyumen, Energetikov str., 167). If you need preliminarily to discuss any questions or to get advice call our multichannel telephone: +7 (3452)-56-01-01.