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Major Repairs, Buildings Reconstruction in Tyumen

Buildings and structures reconstruction is a system of managerial and construction work directed to functional efficiency improvement and delimitation of concealed space change. This direction plays a special role in the construction field.

Reconstruction is usually carried out in the following cases:

  • when it is needed to change an object functional purpose (especially popular in the CIS countries, when closed plants are turned into hypermarkets);
  • when safety of supporting constructions goes down to an unsafe level;
  • when spaces addition or architectural replanning is needed;
  • when an object architecture and design improvement is planned.

The main reason of the reconstruction decision making in the modern construction world is the drive to cost cutout. Operating costs for the comfort in old and run-down premises maintenance are ever increasing by means of demand for continuous repairs. Having allocated money for the reconstruction in the long term you have substantial saving.

In this matter you also have a reverse side: improperly made buildings repairs and reconstruction will lead to much heavier expenses. That is why a question of special importance is search of a reliable partner for such a project realization.

The company "TyumenPromMontazh" offers a wide range of reconstruction services in Tyumen::

  • project documentation reproduction and approval;
  • restructuring of buildings rentable area (construction of extensions, erection of additional storeys);
  • pedestal enlargement;
  • supporting constructions strengthening;
  • communication systems installation and replacement;
  • urban landscaping;
  • facade cracks tie.

Our managers will help you to prepare necessary documents and to quantify the amount of buildings reconstruction work in Tyumen or your city. For more detailed information receiving call the number: +7 3452 56-25-36. Or at the address Energetikov str., 167, 1st floor. Or come: we are in Energetikov street, 167.