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A Foundation Construction, Concrete Work in Tyumen

A foundation is a ground bottom for buildings and structures made mostly of concrete. It is an integral part of a building and a main concept support construction. Before beginning a foundation construction it is necessary to make payments for this type of grounds and to choose the optimum alternative. Let us consider the most popular in Tyumen kinds.

Monolithic Raft Foundation

A raft foundation is a monolithic reinforced concrete plate which lies in the entire foundation area. Due to high costs for the construction material and earth work this type of foundation is one of the most expensive. This foundation construction is reasonable while building small houses where this plate is underflooring.

Drilled Pier Foundation

One of the routine methods of foundation on heaving floors is a foundation construction with the use of drilled piles. For its safety this kind of piles does not give way to driving piles. Drilled pier foundations are made using concreting, filling with concrete drilled holes. This type of foundation is very popular in Tyumen and Tyumen region.

For more hardening drilled piles are strengthened with a carcass of reinforcement: in a hole they install several reinforcement bars which have to be connected in a carcass. This reinforcement will also be that link that connects drilled piles and reinforced concrete raft having moulded into one unit underground and aboveground parts of a foundation. A carcass of reinforcement will serve as a protection against its possible rupture. As a timbering by such a foundation construction actually serves ground. A peculiarity of such foundation is filling concrete. It compulsorily must be "heavy" contain a large amount of quartz sand, gravel or ballast stone. Concreting procedure of each pile must not be interrupted (a pause in concrete pouring must not exceed one hour).

A house foundation construction is probably one of the most important construction stages, and you must approach to the process accordingly. You must not trust amateurs, we are not so rich to afford ourselves to save on basis!

Concrete is an artificial stone material which is used in all types of objects construction process. It is a basis of modern construction (including foundation construction in Tyumen), though it leaks away its positions with the dawning of the age of steel structures. The traditional technology of concrete mixing supposes making of cement, water and different fillers mixture. This mixture before forming and the moment of final hardening is called concrete, and the work concrete.

Concreting in Tyumen remains one of the main stages in the construction process. Nowadays work with concrete is made with constantly growing share of mechanized and automated systems participation. Besides, technological effectiveness of services exceeds using special heaters and surface coating during timbering installation and due to additives plasticizers addition.

The quality of concrete structures directly depends on speed and technology of pouring and of concrete composition. Our company performs all set of concreting construction services and a foundation construction in Tyumen in any time of year.

We suggest you to place an order for concrete work and a foundation construction in Tyumen or your city leaving an application to our manager by phone: +7 3452 56-25-36. When possible visit our office in Tyumen, in Energetikov street, 167. We will analyse your project and help to find your position exactly what kind of concrete preparation and pouring technology is the most reasonably to use in your situation. See you there!