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Urban Landscaping

Urban Landscaping The company"TyumenPromMontazh" will execute all urban landscaping work. We perform all set of services, from the plan draft to the garbage removal, this will greatly reduce your expenditures, reduce task-performance time, hinder from going off the general concept, as it happens when companies alternate. And an important factor, it will save your emotional poise from excessive fuss concerning firms selection, their profitability and reasonability.

Urban landscaping means by definition to improve ecological, sanitary, hygienic and esthetic state of plot.

Here are some principal points of planning that are included in urban landscaping:
  1. urban landscaping is usually carried out on approved designs
  2. at first a plan draft is worked out
  3. after that goes a plot partitioning on sections according to the functions and according to the results the surface appearance is decided
  4. than it will be good to define what materials will be used
  5. to determine what plants will be planted
  6. after that the project documentation, the estimate and the project execution plan is worked out.

Urban landscaping of the company "TyumenPromMontazh" includes:
  • design
  • walkway installation
  • lawn laying
  • planting
  • canalization engineering
  • trees saw cut and full removal
  • planting of trees
  • planting of shrubs
  • gardening
  • lighting
  • asphalt work
  • earth work
  • installation of hardscaping
  • paving flags laying
  • granite curb stone installation
  • ground and garbage removal
  • and much, much more
Our specialists will help you to select material for walkways, lawns and other parts of landscape, to work out design, to determine possibilities of your plot. They will advise you a form and quality of lawns, varieties of plants, they will tell you what care the lawn is needed, including cutting, weeding, top-dressing, watering, what light to install and much more that will help you to create your world on your own plot which you will be able to be justifiably proud of.

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