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Capital, Monolithic Construction, Concrete Work in Tyumen

Technology of capital monolithic construction is used more and more actively nowadays. At the heart of capital monolithic construction is the principle of a single (monolithic) concrete level making with the help of a general timbering for all sections of a floor.

Such a method of concrete elements making directly in the territory of an object allows to achieve several decided advantages at once:
  • increase in speed of construction, "odd" stages liquidation;
  • minimizing of a foundation and other monolithic floor structures permeability to water;
  • a carcass strength reserve enhancement by means of "joints" absence, life without demand for repair runs to 150 years;
  • maximum acoustic and heat isolation on that score monolithic technology practically has no equal;
  • guarantee of a perfectly plane surface which does not need further moves for the beginning of finishing work.
The company "TyumenPromMontazh" performs monolithic construction of houses and industrial objects. For operational commitment M200-400 concrete is used.

Concrete Work in Tyumen

In concrete work package plan in Tyumen the realization of the following stages is included:

  1. Preparation of concrete.
  2. Concrete delivery.
  3. A single timbering system fabrication.
  4. Preparation of concrete reinforcement installations (thickness of the used carcass is 10mm and more).
  5. Placing concrete.

A concrete floor solidity provides optimal protection against cracking probably, the most frequent and difficultly eliminated problem of finished concrete structures. Besides, the possibility to place concrete in different forms leaves a wide room for an architectural thinking flight. Contrary to common belief, modern technologies allow buildings monolithic construction performance even at low temperatures.