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Roof Work

Construction in Tyumen nowadays develops progressively and gathers pace, new objects of residential and industrial purpose are being built. There are many spheres of activity which have essential value in a whole building conceptual design. One of such spheres is roof work.

For different kinds of roof structures there are their own peculiarities of roof work performance:

  • Single-raftered roof (is used mostly while constructing household outbuildings, terraces and verandas, storage premises);
  • Double-pitched roof (classical widespread construction on which it is most conveniently to perform roof work);
  • Tent roof (is used mostly for structures in form of a multangular with congruent sides or a square, its master unit is symmetry);
  • Hipped roof (its varieties are Danish roof and partial hip);
  • Multigabled roof (has a large amount of included angles and ribs, it is installed on houses with a polygonal intricate plan shape, in such a case the executed roof work is rather complicated and needs specialists' high qualification);
  • Mansard roof (has special design of a pitch consisting of two parts a bottom portion and a low- profile upper part).

Designing a roof correctly executed roof coating installation has great significance. This is because roof coating is a roof external envelope which protects a house against different atmospheric actions. It consists of roof membranes: roof tile, roofing felt, slate, etc.

Roof coating installation peculiarities depend on the structure material of construction. There are more and more such materials:

  • metal sheet roof covering
  • translucent roof coating
  • roof tile.

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