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Steel Structures Fabrication and Erection

A steel structure is a special construction system of metal pipes or profiles which is used as supporting structure of walls, ceilings, premises, buildings, structures, etc.

Nowadays steel structures fabrication is more and more widespread thanks to the material main advantages:

  • small specific gravity in comparison with earlier technologies materials;
  • safety of metal as a primary material provides a long time of a construction active usage;
  • steel structures simple and operational erection saves time and other construction resources;
  • possible both line production and steel structures fabrication by special design.

Constructional Ironworks in Tyumen

Steel structures manufacturing is one of the construction company "TyumenPromMontazh" business priorities. Our company realizes all set of construction services for rapidly erected objects establishment that is why steel structures fabrication is closely related to final design tasks. We are the official Partner-Constructor of the company Astron that has been working at the world construction market for more than 40 years already. This status allows us to involve in the building design on your orders 9 design firms where about two hundred engineers work.

We offer any kinds of steel structures:

  • for modular buildings and warehouses fast construction;
  • for walls and partitions constructing;
  • for road work;
  • pedestrian railings, roofs, entrances carcasses, etc.

Our constructional ironworks is equipped with current technology which allows making exclusive kinds of structures by individual drawings. Possession of all necessary licenses permits to begin cooperation with you at any stage of construction.

Besides immediate production we provide:

  • ready steel structures erection and performance of all after-erection work up to complete facility commissioning;
  • preparing and execution of necessary documentation;
  • realization of steel structures to third parties at factory prices;
  • organization of subcontracting companies' work and control at all the construction stages.

Carrying out orders in conditions of severe Tyumen climate, specialists of LLC "TyumenPromMontazh" have worked out the whole complex of effective solutions for metal protection against temperature and other environmental factors effects. Thanks to our own constructional ironworks functioning we guarantee quality due to control at all the production stages and possession of a checking station.

To communicate with our manager you simply call our multichannel telephone by number: +7 3452 56-25-36. You also can use the possibility to communicate with us through e-mail having sent a letter on e-mail address: . Our specialists are ready to give you all necessary information and provide comfortable beginning of cooperation.