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Antenna Mast Structures (AMS) and Towers

In the modern world antenna mast structures dominate in the high technologies development and gain more and more popularity. Due to them transport nodal points with radio-relay expanded stations and a broad zone of covering are made, and this zone functions are very up-to-date in the rural areas, because traffic density there is not very high. Antenna mast structures in different cities, including Tyumen, are focused on compacting transport nodal points for further connecting stations to special controlling systems by radio-relay stations.

Antenna mast structures in Tyumen are constructed out of special sections with height about 10-11 meters. The section itself is a triangular form built, at the top these structures have sides as a triangle with equal sides of 1,5 meters each and bottom sections have a form of a pyramid (truncated). These structures have many advantages, also thanks to their technical power and characteristics they perform a set of important functions.

Antenna mast structures are used at temperatures from -40 to +60 C, practically in all weather conditions, by 99% humidity, besides they can be used in any day or night time. They also have special protection from corrosion, passing on special standards.

The construction company "TyumenPromMontazh" proved itself as an efficiently-run and reliable company which specializes in the following services:

  • installation of steel structures, communication towers, antenna mast structures;
  • installation and fabrication of piers for cellular communication stations, radio stations antennas, radio relay communication systems and retranslators of a television signal;
  • reconstruction and construction of television and radio objects, and replacement of guys;
  • rehabilitation of antenna mast communication systems technical readiness;
  • communication lines for retranslation, mobile telesystems objects construction.

"TyumenPromMontazh" offers not only all list of climbing works steeplejacking but also favourable terms of cooperation.