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Rapidly Erected Modular Steel Structures Buildings in Tyumen

LLC "TyumenPromMontazh" primary focus is construction of rapidly erected buildings in Tyumen, Tyumen region and KhMAA. Those rapidly erected buildings of steel structures both in Tyumen and in other cities are used as industrial, retail, office and residential objects of different scale. The offsite construction technology means usage of a steel carcass as the base and heat-insulated sandwich panels for siding.

Light steel structures are being actively used in the industrial construction from the middle of the last century already. Such a method allows constructing strong and durable buildings within a short period of time.

Besides time advantage the modular buildings technology usage reduces the project installation investments level due to the action of many factors:

  • effectiveness of preparation and construction work execution;
  • ease and practicability of modular conduits assembly;
  • diminished demand for labour forces;
  • small shipping and direct construction work costs (saving to 70%).

We also mention that rapidly erected buildings are not only being built quickly but do not demand much time for dismantling that is very convenient for land plots owners who plan to change with time the sphere of activity.

Steel structures construction includes erection of divide walls and installation of staircases on objects and communication systems installation. Our production capabilities allow executing both typical and individually designed projects. All materials used in the project have necessary ecological security and fire protection certificates. Rapidly erected steel structures buildings in Tyumen are built under the conditions of performance standards close control.

Additional services that the company "TyumenPromMontazh" offer:

  • subcontractors' work on the object organization;
  • any changes (architectural replanning, the object area reduction or extension) of the already finished modular buildings;
  • objects dismantling.

To elaborate an order details and to receive additional information concerning the company services and produce contact our managers by number +7 3452 56-25-36. Our specialists will carry out complex analysis of your requests and technical documentation that will allow determining possibilities of time and resources cost minimization.