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Container Units

A container-unit is a special structure which is widely used in modern construction. The construction of such a structure needs a metal carcass on which the exterior and interior partitions are set. Such a carcass is strong enough to stand loads during continuous moving.

The usage of containers is relevant at all stages of construction:

for different systems and units (apparatuses, generators) installation, for accommodation spaces, workshops, etc. construction.

LLC "TyumenPromMontazh" realizes home-made container units. Containers deliveries are fulfilled in a ready for operation form, if necessary with already set communication systems operation.

At Tyumen construction objects the product gained its popularity due to some important advantages:

  • A large variety of offers. We offer containers both in standard typical sizes (optimized for transportation in lorry transport), and with individually set dimensions.
  • Usage of sandwich panels as the siding material allowed achieving the object effective heat and sound insulation, especially in comparison with earlier technologies of rapidly erected objects establishment. Those panels make possible the structure transportation and erection at temperatures of (-50C)- (+50C).
  • Transportability is accompanied with small specific gravity of a metal carcass, and the unloading operation is lightened with a load handling device having.

For ordering container units purchase at our plant call the number: +7 3452 56-25-36 (the telephone is multichannel). If you want to get more detailed information on containers manufacturing or to give individual drawings we recommend you to visit our office in Tyumen, Energetikov str., 167.


Block Boxes

The construction company "TyumenPromMontazh" offers block boxes of any purpose, execution (O1, O2, S, U) and overall dimension fabrication. The company fulfils block boxes delivery in a ready for operation form, with already set communication systems operation.

The company "TyumenPromMontazh" block boxes advantages are:
  • wide area of purpose;
  • high reliability: qualified life is 30 years;
  • outdoor operation at environmental temperatures from -50C to +50C;
  • possibility to maintain in the working room the specified temperature criteria (+5-+40C) in all climate conditions;
  • calculated average life of engineering equipment is 10 years;
  • possibility to install power transformers;
  • fire safety: fire alarm and fire fighting systems installation;
  • earthquake action resistance;
  • equipping with intruder alarm;
  • protection against unauthorized entry and vandals;
  • best prices for a block box;
  • a lift-off cover protects an engineering compartment against excess temperature and has high degree of solar radiation reflection;
  • possibility to install a block box on the equipped foundations or specially prepared sites.

If you have any questions concerning block boxes, the company specialists are ready to answer you by the multichannel telephone (3452) 56 25 36.