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Pipe and Equipment Aqueducts

Pipe aqueducts consist of foundations, piers and deckings with traverses for pipe laying. Aqueducts can be one-deck, double deck and triple deck.
Aqueducts deckings (center-to-center distance between piers along the road) are set 12, 18, 24 m.

Aqueducts Piers

Aqueducts piers can be made of prefabricated reinforced concrete or steel.
In one-deck aqueducts prefabricated reinforced concrete piers can be single-column with reinforced concrete or steel horizontal members.

Steel aqueducts piers are made double-column latticed, in this case an upper cross brace descends below a traverse bottom to 0,8 m, that allows to pass pipes under traverses. These piers foundations are made of concrete or reinforced concrete, in this case their top part is placed above the ground about 300 mm, that improves base shoes protection against corrosion.

Aqueducts Deckings

Aqueducts deckings can be made of prefabricated reinforced concrete in form of double-tee girders with deckings sizes 12 m.

In case of large deckings usage it is more advisable according to technical-and-economic conditions to use steel structures.

Wide application in aqueducts find deckings in form of latticed girders. Traverses in aqueducts, as also in insulated piers, are made in form of double cantilever girders. Reinforced concrete traverses are used in case of deckings reinforced concrete main girders installation. Distance between traverses along the road is set 36 m.

Connection of prefabricated reinforced concrete aqueducts deckings and pillars and traverses with deckings is made by concrete inserts welding. Concrete inserts must be carefully protected from corrosion by way of their concrete solidification on steel nets which must be welded to concrete inserts. In those places where it is impossible to make concrete solidification open surfaces of concrete inserts must be regularly coloured. Difficulty of anticorrosive protection installation is a great disadvantage of these welded assemblies construction.

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