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Tubex and Drilled Piles

Tubex Piles

Tubex Piles is a rejection of earth work. You can construct a foundation on not cleared plots, where there is no possibility to remove stumps or to take away an old useless foundation. Tubex piles is a foundation, on which time of construction neither weather freaks nor seasons depend.

The advantage list of foundations installation with use of a tubex pile is obvious and is determined by the following parameters:
  • Cost: contrary to traditionally manufactured foundations the cost of this foundation is 30-70% lower
  • Term of installation from 1 day.
  • A possibility of installation on complicated grounds;
  • Safety, reliability and ecological compatibility;
  • Tubex piles serve not less than 150 years, and with the condition of their treatment with a special chemical composition more than 200 years;
  • A possibility of a foundation on piles installation without terrain variation and without earth work execution;
  • You can sink our piles all the year and in all weather;
  • Tubex piles are not subject to frost heaving forces;
  • High strength and load properties: they have a load capacity reserve from 4 t. to 18 t. (while 2-3 t. for wood structures, 7-9 t. for brickworks is necessary), moreover, load bearing characteristics may be increased by increase of a pile diameter and its blade;
  • A possibility of bearing loads distribution with account of a construction object project documentation peculiarities;
  • They provide a homogeneous load capacity on the mixed ground;
  • A possibility to build on additional structures to already functioning;
  • High seismic resistance;
  • It does not need waterproofing;
  • They do not cripple the ground;
  • Readiness to the design load accommodation immediately after erection.

Tubex piles is a perfect solution for a low-rise construction. And, naturally, no less important a foundation on tubex piles advantage is a possibility of its installation practically anywhere. To put a little house on a clearing in the wood leaving the forest as it is or on the slope to a charming lake is no problem now. Even a boat berth building will not break the surrounding silence and natural landscape. A piles foundation does not need level grounds.

If you have a necessity in a quality, reliable and cheap foundation call on!

The only thing you need is to specify an installation place.

Drilled Piles

The company "TyumenPromMontazh" performs manufacture of drilled piles for a buildings solid foundation organization. Drilled piles is one of the methods of a building under construction foundations organization. Drilled piles carcasses are used for buildings of any purpose construction, whether it is a construction of living, public or production type. A foot for a reinforced concrete drilled pile are gravel and pebble deposits, sands and rock formations of different types. This kind of piles can be used practically on every ground except macrofragmental and rocky.

Drilled piles are set at a distance of 1,5 2,5 meters from one another under corners of a building, in places of a house walls intersection, under columns, if it is a carcass house, under heavy or bearing partitions, beams and in other places of the centre-point load.

Fabrication of drilled piles on a plot:
  • a well drilling with a diameter from 400 to 800mm,
  • a vertical bar with a diameter 10-14 mm with a girth in every 25 cm with a carcass of 6 mm diameter is laid,
  • concrete of grade not lower that 250 is poured in a form.