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CJSC "Sibschwank"

CJSC "Sibschwank"is the joint Russian-German enterprise established in 1996. Nowadays CJSC "Sibschwank" is the largest Russian producer of high quality gas radiant heaters that correspond to international requirements.
LLC "TyumenPromMontazh" jointly with CJSC "Sibschwank" execute construction and installation work on the following objects:

LLC "PMC – Inox" (Sverdlovsk region, Kamensk – Uralsky).

On this object the following work was executed:

  • a gas pipeline construction (weld overmelting)
  • air termination systems installation
  • protective device of crane bridge carriages from radiant heaters heat impact setting

LLC "NDC" "West Siberia" (KhMAA Nizhnevartovsk, West industrial hub):

On this object the following work was executed:

  • heating systems with gas radiant heaters construction
  • post-completion documentation execution
  • the executed work quality assurance inspection arrangement

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