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Design in Tyumen

Design Works from "TPM"

Within the scope of the construction company "TyumenPromMontazh" activity is the complex of services for design of buildings and industrial structures of different purpose.

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  1. Design of buildings of light steel structures Astron:
    • plants;
    • hypermarkets;
    • warehouses;
    • sports buildings and constructions (indoor courts, hockey and other types of sports grounds, fully- featured sport and fitness complexes);
    • multistory buildings (automobile parkings);
    • car dealerships;
    • offices;
    • hangars;
  2. Design of modular buildings of any complexity (residential units, housekeeping areas and storage premises, medical centers, canteens, office buildings, kindergartens, exhibition pavilions, etc.)
  3. Design of utilities (heating and water supply systems, ventilation and conditioning systems, electrical networks).
  4. Design of boiler-houses.
  5. Design of steel structures.
  6. Design of foundations

Design is the initial stage of construction, a sort of preparation. On this stage depends a future quality of a construction object, necessity in additional expenses, presence or absence of gross errors in the process of construction and of course operation safety. That is why in the process of any object design always take part highly knowledgeable specialists – engineers, architects, structural designers, designers and other leading specialist.

Objects designing is the complex of services consisting of the following 4 main stages:

  • Sketch plan is the stage that is represented as information collection and processing, sketching and the future object general concept approval and also its scoping opinion (SO). At this stage agreement in the corresponding state authorities is not required.
  • The next stage is "Design". This stage takes quite a long time. It includes development of space-planning and architectural and construction decisions, drafting of technical and estimate documentations and other essential components. This stage is very important, as it specifies steel structures future safety, it is the sketch technical implementation. This stage regulation is made by means of state standards, norms and rules. It is also signed by the person responsible for the design (for example, by Engineering Manager or Architect).
  • The third stage is "Construction Design". It is a package of documents that is necessary for expertise and for construction and installation work execution. It consists of: the explanatory note; architectural and construction decisions; a plot of land floor-plan diagram; designs of utilities (power supply, water supply, water disposal, heating, ventilation, conditioning), description of all sorts of the used structures (for example, steel). Generally of all the documentation which describes the object completely.
  • The last stage is "Specification Documents". At this stage all details and amendments of different decisions adopted at the stage "Construction Design" are discussed. All working drawings are executed, separate parts and units are under exploitation, all the documentation, without which installation and construction is impossible: full estimate, equipment and materials specification, etc., is prepared.

Recently in Tyumen demand for industrial structures and buildings design goes up. Main principles of objects architectural and building design, that exist thanks to long-term work of design organizations skilled specialists are nowadays essential while design works executing in Tyumen.

Construction design of industrial objects has its peculiar properties. For example, usage of architectural emphasis special features. Technological design standards are always used. Steady alterations in technologies which have an effect on an enterprise reconstruction and reequipment play a very important role. Great attention in buildings design in Tyumen is paid to an integral part of any design works to utilities. Description of the used specific transport is also included into design.

Of all pointed out you can draw a conclusion that buildings and industrial objects design in Tyumen is a very labour-intensive process which has its defining characteristics and there is a necessity of its executing by mature design organizations highly knowledgeable specialists..

Design Works, Prices in Tyumen

To order services for industrial buildings or structures design in Tyumen it is necessary to contact our multichannel telephone +7(3452)-56-01-01 or to the company "TyumenPromMontazh" main office at the address Tyumen, Energetikov str. 167, 1st floor.