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Foundations Design in Tyumen

A foundation is a building or structure bearing part which performs transmission and distribution of load from upstream structures to a base. They are usually made of concrete, stone, brick or wood. Foundations laying, as a rule, is made under the frost depth in order not to let its bulging or other deformations. A foundation choice is made on the basis of the chosen district seismic activity degree, the ground condition and architectural decisions.

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Foundations are classified:

  1. For the intended purpose: bearing, combined, not deep-laid, deep-laid, special (swinging, floating);;
  2. By the material: stone, reinforced concrete, wooden, cellular-concrete
  3. By the construction type: post footing, socket-type footing, strip, piled, raft, pile-supported, continual.

While buildings constructing post footing, socket-type footing, strip, piled and raft foundations are used. They are divided into prefabricated, monolithic and prefabricated monolithic.

Foundations design is an important and complex process. Any building or structure long performance and safety depends on the quality of the set foundation.

If foundation design works are executed inadequately in Tyumen there is a great possibility of cracking or building failure. That is why foundations design in Tyumen you must entrust only to the professionals, among which is the company "TyumenPromMontazh". We offer a complex of services for any foundations design in Tyumen and have all necessary resources, knowledge and experience.

While foundations design in Tyumen we use modern equipment and software. That allows to cut back on the length of the design creating without loss of its quality. Our specialists are ready to offer you both a typical design and new original solutions. For more information in design in Tyumen contact our multichannel telephone +7(3452)-56-01-01 or to the company "TyumenPromMontazh" main office – at the address Tyumen, Energetikov str. 167, 1st floor.