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Boiler-Houses Design in Tyumen

One of the possible design objects of the company "TyumenPromMontazh" is a BOILER-HOUSE.

A boiler-house is a technological complex, a basic function of which is making and distribution of heat on one or another object territory.

A main unit of a boiler-house is a boiler, in which heating of a heat carrying agent (for example, water for heating system) is made for chemical energy of fuel to heat transformation.

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Let's mention some boiler-houses classifications:

  1. By type of location boiler-houses are: free standing, built-in, integrated, block-modular, roof and frame on pallets.
  2. By type of used fuel: gas, solid-fuel, liquid-fuel, combined (multifuel)
  3. By type of installed boilers: steam, hot-water, mixed and diathermic.

For intelligent design of boiler-houses in Tyumen observance of the following main stages is necessary:

  • desired expenditure of fuel and heat for the object engineering systems (heating, water supply, etc.) analysis;
  • preparation of documentation that is necessary for obtaining a permit for a boiler-house construction;
  • hydraulic calculation (a pipeline section determination for water cost minimization);
  • checking calculations;
  • ecological calculation (reveal of the equipment correspondence to standards);
  • drawing up of technical specifications (TS);
  • selection of the needed equipment.

A boiler-house design in Tyumen to be as promptly as possible, we recommend you to prepare in advance a boiler house plan with an indication of engineering systems. If you are interested in boiler-houses design in Tyumen or in your city, more detailed information you can receive by the multichannel telephone +7(3452)-56-01-01 or visiting the company "TyumenPromMontazh" office at the address: Energetikov str., 167, 1st floor.