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Electrical Installation Work, Prices in Tyumen

The company "TyumenPromMontazh" executes electrical installation work on the widely differing objects of the city of Tyumen, Tyumen region and KhMAA.

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Work with us has a number of important advantages:
  • convenient for a customer time of electrical installation work execution in Tyumen (including at the week-end, in holidays, evenings, at night);
  • conservative value of electrical installation execution (low charges) in Tyumen;
  • possibility of small work of 10000 rub. volume execution, which many electrical installation firms do not take;
  • convenient form of work and materials payment;
  • high quality of electrical installation work (not lower than by electrical installation firms) conditioned by the following factors:
    • experienced electrotechnical workers with length of service 5-20 years,
    • workers have special technical education,
    • professional instrument,
    • good knowledge of the existing standards, rules, claims of fire fighting persons and SES,
    • 4th and 5th groups of tolerances (to 1000 and above 1000 volt);
  • possibility of work partial execution, at the request of the customer;
  • low cost of materials conditioned by: discounts for materials bulk purchases, discounts for regular work with suppliers, possibility of an additional amount of consumable materials (lamps, starters, etc.) wholesale purchase together with the materials necessary for the erection execution;
  • execution of work in accordance with local requirements (EIC, ROCEI, construction norms and rules, APR, FSR), requirements of SES, RTN and fire fighting persons;
  • certificates of approval and fire certificates for the installed equipment and materials;
  • guarantee for the installed equipment;
  • post-warranty service and repairs of the installed equipment;
  • a customer service and safe use of the installed equipment training, service/repair manuals.
Our customers are:
  • small and midsized industrial enterprises;
  • educational institutions (schools, kindergarten, boarding schools, children's homes);
  • shops;
  • construction enterprises engaged in hypermarkets, warehouses construction;
  • state enterprises.
We execute the following work:
  • erection, repairs and service of electric control equipment: lighting distribution boards (LB), distribution panels (DB), load-carrying panels (ASP, LP-70), control boxes, starters, compensating devices, floor distribution boards (SDS), panels of special complete units (PDPao) and other equipment;
  • erection, (repairs, service) of all kinds of wirings, cable lines, air lines, containment: pipes, gofers, trays, metal hoses, etc.;
  • erection, repairs and service of internal and external light systems, light-emitting-diode including;
  • erection, (repairs, service) of electric heating systems: heat-insulated floors, heat panels, convectors, air heat curtains, heat guns, boilers, etc;
  • linking of any industrial equipment to the network 0,4 kW (220\380V);
  • making as fitted drawings, passports of earthing arrangements;

Tariffs on electrical installation work in Tyumen

Prices on electrical installation work in Tyumen depend on many conditions, difficulties, etc. To specify our tariffs on electrical installation work in Tyumen or your city you can calling to the office by number: +7 (3452)-56-01-01. You have also a possibility to take opinion personally if you visit our office in Tyumen, in Energetikov street, 167.