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Conditioning Systems Installation in Tyumen

Air Conditioning Systems of "TPM"

The company "TyumenPromMontazh" offers a complete set of work on installation, adjustment and start of conditioning systems of any degree of complexity on any purpose objects (large industrial and residential complexes, commercial, medical and sports institutions, restaurants, administrative buildings, etc.). The work can be executed in the territory of the city of Tyumen, Tyumen region and KhMAA.

Air conditioning is a set of actions directed to achievement and adjustment of air environment comfort conditions in a premise that can influence people's general state and a technological process. Air main parameters that influence a person's life activity are: temperature, humidity, composition of air (cleanness), rate of motion, pressure.

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The conditioning process is performed by a variety of technical means – the air conditioning system (ACS). ACS includes the following technical means: heat exchangers, filters, dryers, air humidifiers, ventilators, heating supply and cooling means, automations, remote regulation and control.

The main advantage of the air conditioning automation system in Tyumen is maintenance of the air condition set mode (temperature) in a premise independent of the environmental changes.

The air conditioning system main equipment for air preparance and displacement is put together in one frame making an apparatus conditioner. In many cases all technical means for the air conditioning in Tyumen are put together in one block or several blocks.

The air conditioning systems installation in Tyumen is a complicated process demanding a professional approach and usage of quality instruments. Highly knowledgeable specialists of the company "TyumenPromMontazh" perform work strictly according to construction norms and rules and other normative documents. Our company has also all necessary licenses and permits for the mentioned installation work performance.

Our specialists perform installation of the following kinds of equipment:

  1. Home air conditioners (split systems) installation;
    • wall air conditioners installation;
    • channel air conditioners installation;
    • cassette air conditioners installation;
    • floor-to-ceiling air conditioners installation.
  2. Subcommercial air conditioners installation;
  3. Split VRV and VRF air conditioning system installation;
  4. Central air conditioners installation;
  5. Chillers and fancoils installation;
  6. Precision air conditioners installation.

We also render services on purchase and delivery of equipment, air conditioning systems design in Tyumen, equipment commissioning works, guarantee and support service provision.

For all points of interest you can contact our multichannel telephone +7(3452)-56-01-01 or to the company "TyumenPromMontazh" main office at the address Tyumen, Energetikov str. 167, 1st floor.