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Ventilation Systems Installation in Tyumen

Quality Ventilation Installation in Tyumen Region and KhMAA

The company"TyumenPromMontazh" offers a complete set of work on installation, automation, adjustment and start of ventilation systems of any degree of complexity on any purpose objects (large industrial and residential complexes, commercial, medical and sports institutions, restaurants, administrative buildings, etc.). The work can be executed in the territory of the city of Tyumen, Tyumen region and KhMAA.

Ventilation installation is one of the main stages in a complex of construction and installation work. Quality and accuracy of this stage directly depends on the strict observance of process operations fixed sequence. The quality executed installation is a guarantee of future comfortable conditions of location and safety of people in a building.

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There are three main types of ventilation: supply, exhaust and supply and exhaust.

Supply Ventilation

Supply ventilation is a system of ventilation that supplies in the room necessary amount of fresh air which by necessity can be warmed up or cooled down (winter or summer periods). Air in its turn gets into a duct system for the subsequent distribution in rooms. The main element of a supply system is an electrically powered ventilator that pumps air.

According to construction norms and rules in every room a norm of fresh air for a human breathe must be provided.

Main advantages of a supply ventilation usage:
  • adjustability of temperature and cleanness of the received air;
  • automatic control of air supply plants work;
  • economy, by means of different power resources effective use.

Exhaust Ventilation

Exhaust Ventilation is a system of removal of the room exhaust air (foul, warmed or wet), off-flavors and carbon dioxide.

It is especially well suited to the usage in industrial premises that accumulate during production a great number of hazardous substances, or premises with heavy accumulation of people. Exhaust ventilation in Tyumen can be represented by: powered roof, autonomous axial, centrifugal and duct ventilators and exhaust ventilation systems.

For effective work of the exhaust ventilation it is important that the volume of the drafted air was compensated by a corresponding volume of the supply air.

Supply and Exhaust Ventilation

This system combines supply and exhaust ventilations and correspondingly provides both supply and removal of air of a premise at the same time.

This ventilation is well suited for industrial, administrative, public and residential premises. It allows reducing costs greatly using heat utilization that can be used for supply air heating up in special heat exchangers.

Supply and exhaust ventilation in Tyumen has high efficiency of heat recovery (to 70%) and provides reduction of maintenance costs for air heating by means of heat recovery. The advantages of supply and exhaust ventilation also are ease of installation and service. Such installations are widely used in office premises, movie and concert halls, hotels, residential premises, swimming pools, etc.

Highly knowledgeable specialists of the company "TyumenPromMontazh" perform ventilation installation in Tyumen strictly according to construction norms and rules and other normative documents.

We offer to performance the following kinds of ventilation installation services in Tyumen:

  • an object technical evaluation and air ventilation systems design;
  • supply and exhaust ventilation installation;
  • ventilation equipment installation (supply and exhaust systems of smoke removal, ventilators, filters, electric motors, heaters, air coolers, air flow rate control units, etc.);
  • fixation of air ducts and connection of their sections;
  • automation systems installation and integration;
  • automation systems commissioning works.

For all points of interest you can contact our multichannel telephone +7(3452)-56-01-01 or to the company "TyumenPromMontazh" main office – at the address Tyumen, Energetikov str. 167, 1st floor.